Our history

Our history

Pure Power Control was set up in 2008, the year in which the economic and financial crisis that characterized the 21st century began. Driven by a strong determination, we overcame the problems caused by the complex situation of the industrial context of those years, laying the foundations for constant and solid growth. We have built a close-knit and multidisciplinary team with high skills on methodologies and tools, applied research, technologies and applications.

We established relationships with the academic world and scientific research, which have fueled the innovative character of our company. We have formed
enduring partnerships with the most important global industrial brands that have believed in us. We shared exciting innovation projects, related to electronic controls and electric and hybrid electric powertrains for the automotive and operating machinery industries; robotic systems for shipbuilding; autonomous vehicles for road construction and building maintenance.

We are a consolidated entrepreneurial reality and well established in our industrial sectors of reference. A reality able to deal with the most important innovative processes of our time, from electric propulsion to reduce the environmental impact of transport to the introduction of autonomous driving on vehicles, from the transformation of the production system in the context of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 to the revolution in the primary sector linked to the introduction of precision agriculture. We face these challenges by putting our skills and abilities in the:

  • Fully understand the application domain and identify the strategic objectives for innovation;
  • Acquire and make its own the results of scientific research and technological progress;
  • Elaborate original proposals and implement them in innovative solutions, processes and products.

The fundamental steps
13 October 2008 – Establishment of the company in Viareggio (Lucca)
1 February 2009 – Opening of the first operational headquarters at the Technological Pole of Visignano (Pisa)
30 April 2015 – Transfer to the current headquarter in Visignano (Pisa)
18 October 2017 – Acquisition of the main office in Visignano (Pisa)
30 October 2017 – Transfer of the registered office from Viareggio (Lucca) to Visignano (Pisa)
9 February 2018 – Opening of the second operational headquarters in Modena
28 February 2018 – Constitution of the Autognity S.r.l. spin-off an innovative start-up.
22 Dicembre 2022 – Participation in the “HPE Group” based in Modena.

The collaborations
2009 – Dana Corporation
2010 – Intecs Solutions S.p.A.
2011 – Ferrari S.p.A. (Divisione GT)
2012 – Yanmar R&D Europe S.r.l.
2013 – Ales S.r.l., Ferrari S.p.A. (Divisone Gestione Sportiva)
2014 – IHIMER S.p.A., Magneti Marelli S.p.A., Sistemi Dinamici S.p.A.
2015 – Cannon S.p.A., CNH Industrial S.p.A.
2016 – Kirkdail Ltd., Lurssen GmbH.
2017 – Artimo Robotics S.r.l., Eldor S.p.A., Maserati S.p.A.
2018 – Dussmann S.r.l.
2019 – Autognity S.r.l., Comcor S.r.l., DRD S.r.l.,
2020 – ArgoTractors S.p.A., Raybotics S.r.l., RCM S.p.A.
2021 – ALTRA S.p.A., Cooltech S.r.l., Ferrari S.p.A. (Divisione Corse GT)
2022 – Robosurf S.r.l., HPE S.r.l.
2018 – Dussmann

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Our mission

To contribute to the epochal transformation of mobility and to the profound innovation in the various production sectors enabled by technological progress, favoring new models oriented towards full sustainability.

To conceive, develop and produce innovative solutions in the sectors of the automotive industry and of off-highway vehicles, construction and agriculture, understanding the application domain and applying the most advanced results of research and technological progress.

To contribute to the development and the introduction of the following technologies:

  • low environmental impact propulsion, electric or hybrid electric,
  • sensors for the perception of the environment, the object and the result of processing,
  • guide and assisted, remote, cooperative and autonomous work,
  • IoT, cyber-physics systems, bigdata, artificial intelligence.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy is the reference framework for defining the objectives, which are aimed at improving the Group’s performance and, as far as possible, are measurable. These objectives are defined by the Management in coherence with the Company Policy, they aim at transforming the customer’s need into a real product, following continuously evolving strategies that aim at excellence, in order to consolidate the relationship with the customer, gain market shares and create a close-knit and competent team.