Today Automotive is the protagonist of an epochal transformation process caused, on the one hand, by the emergence of new mobility models, on the other by the introduction in mass production of: alternative propulsion with reduced environmental impact, assisted driving and autonomous driving. This transformation is enabled by fervent technological advances on electrical accumulators and electric powertrain, electronics and sensory devices, electrical communications and advanced information processing techniques. Pure Power Control participates in the intense innovation process in the automotive sector, supporting Tier1 builders and suppliers in the design, development and construction of electric and electric hybrid vehicles. It develops electronic control solutions, characterized by the high degree of integration and optimization in vehicle management, for propulsion systems (based on internal combustion engines, electric or electric hybrid drive) and for vehicle dynamics. It realizes its products using a development and validation process in line with the state of the art in the automotive industry and homogeneously integrated with the process adopted by its customers.


The industrial sector of the off-highway vehicles includes self-propelled machines, destined to work on the road or on the construction site, for earth moving, the handling of materials, constructions or other uses.
Pure Power Control is active in the introduction, in this traditionally conservative sector, of robotic technologies that enable significant product innovations with potential impacts on accuracy, productivity and safety of the machine.
Moreover, the Company promotes the use of electric and hybrid electric engines that improve the efficiency of the machine by reducing operating costs and environmental impact. The geolocation of the machine in the building site, the robotization of the working implements, the artificial vision and the use of sensors for the perception of the environment and of advanced information processing techniques are essential elements of the robotic machines. These features reduce the training needs of operators, who take on management and surveillance functions. The robotic machines are fully integrated into fleet and shipyard management systems with a view to automating the entire construction site in accordance with the Building Information Modelling (BIM).


The progress of technological innovation in the agricultural production sector takes shape in precision agriculture. The ultimate goal of precision agriculture is to accurately manage crop variability to produce more food, using less resources and reduce production costs. In fact, the productivity of the cultivation is influenced by different elements such as the characteristics of the soil, the availability of water, the spontaneous vegetation and the climate that are not uniform on the cultivated surface. In the primary sector, Pure Power Control integrates the offer related to innovation on agricultural vehicles, related to electrification and on-board electronic control systems, with technological solutions for precision agriculture. In particular, the company deals with advanced sensory devices, precision geolocation, mapping, innovative equipment for the distribution of products and the execution of diversified work on the surface. In the agricultural application the three main lines of proposals from the Company are fully summarized: advanced electronic controls, electrification, robotics and autonomous vehicles.


The 4th industrial revolution currently under way involves a radical innovation of production plants and represents an important opportunity for expansion for the industrial automation sector. The smart factory, articulated in smart production, smart services and smart energy, is the final result of this revolution. The products of industrial automation in the context of Industry 4.0 are not easer independent production lines, but plants consisting of cyber-physical systems (CPS), or physical systems that are closely connected with IT systems and which can interact and collaborate with each other. Pure Power Control is involved in the innovative Industry 4.0 process and develops interconnected robotic systems, equipped with advanced acquisition devices, and sophisticated software for data analysis allowing high degree of monitoring and management of production. In addition, Pure Power Control designs and manufactures autonomous driven vehicles with high navigation capabilities and interaction with the environment. Self-driving vehicles are mobile platforms that are not limited to material handling operations, but can perform surveillance or processing functions, forming a link with the robotized machines and agricultural machinery for precision agriculture.


The shipbuilding industry is engaged, like the other productive sectors, in the pervasive innovative process linked to Industry 4.0. This transformation is particularly important for the production of luxury yachts, not produced in series, in relation to the extreme customization of the product requested by the final customer. In this case, in fact, for a full realization of the concept of the smart factory, the flow of information that the system must manage extends in a complete way from the relationship with the customer to the design, from the management of suppliers and contractors to the area of ​​preparation. Pure Power Control is present in this sector with the construction of interconnected robotic systems for machining on the hulls, related to the filler deposition, polishing, cleaning and painting. In addition, the Company is active in the proposal of alternative electric and hybrid electric engines, borrowing the expertise acquired in the automotive and operating machinery sectors.